Autoimmune: A New Journey and Learning to Trust More

We have really tried to eat healthy for several years now.  After losing my brother and mom to cancer, and having some serious illnesses of my own…I felt it was time for change.  We all seemed to be doing so much better.  We never have to take antibiotics and rarely get sick, except for one child with severe allergies.  A few years ago, her hair began thinning.  Of course, I thought Thyroid (her younger sister has to take thyroid meds).  Well, after a couple of years of suffering, we were sent to a dermatologist who took two scalp biopsies.  She was given the diagnosis of lichen planopilaris.  It was tough news and heart wrenching.  We all agreed to treat the symptoms with antibiotics and topical steroid.  I felt convicted, by my heavenly Father, that this was not enough.  I knew and know He will equip me to fight the cause.  So, this has brought us to make major diet changes again as we are trying to follow an autoimmune protocol diet.  As I discover ways to cook, I will add it to my blog.  I feel this is more than about recipes, but is about God equipping me.  I hope this will be a blessing to others as God equips you.  Last, but not least, God is healing her.  I am learning to trust in this.  If I ever get back to my story, you will see that it has been a long journey….this trust thing.  Will be posting soon.

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