My First Menu Post

I had a friend send me an email about food ideas for health eating.  She, like most us, can become easily bored with the same “healthy” food alternatives.  Not only with healthy cooking, there are those days we just don’t know what to cook.  Here is my response to her.  I’m going to give a try at putting my recipes with my menu on my blog.

First…I gave her some words of encouragement…

Today’s another day to try again.  That used to be a problem for me.  If I failed one day…I didn’t try again until the next Monday.  I ate last night, but that doesn’t mean I get to eat all weekend.  It’s back on the right track, so even if you blow it at lunch, don’t eat bad the rest of the day.  Those changes WILL make a difference in your health.

A few days ago, I was concerned that my recipe might become boring to my husband and here’s what I came up with.  You may not like this, but I believe it’s true.  The need for self gratification is what gets us into the “big” bodies we end up with.  We want everything to feel good, look good, and taste good.  I remember the bible study we did on idols and idolatry.  It asked the question…what is “good”?  We think good makes us feel comfortable, but good really makes us more like Christ.  He was all about others not Himself.  So, I got to thinking….I or Chris may have to be bored with food for a while.  It may be the price we must pay for the years of self indulgence.  He has agreed to this.  This doesn’t mean I’m not looking for different recipes, but I’m not stressing over it anymore.

Having said all of that…here is my menu for the week.  I’m having to stretch what is left in my freezer from the last beef order, since it’s been four months since we’ve made a purchase.  (I run a grass fed beef co-op, which only delivers every 2 months if we make our minimal order.  It didn’t make the last time.  We will be having fresh meat in a few week though.) 

For Lunch:  pita bread sandwich Joseph’s Flax, Oat, Bran pita bred(we found this pita bread at the deli section at walmart.  It’s made from flax, oats, and wheat flour.  It has only 4 net carbs per whole pita.  We cut it in half, so it is only 2 net carbs.  I have natural turkey lunch meat for Chris, or he uses tuna, with just a little mayo and apple, Kailey uses canned chicken with just a little mayo and apple).  
For Dinner:  Vegetable Soup.  I have some stew meat I’m going to cook and I will add green beans, tomatoes, okra, a “little bit” of corn and just a few carrots.  May cook  slow cooker chicken burritos here…need to use up that homemade salsa.  See recipe below.

I use a variety of steamed vegetables with each meal.

Lunch:  Left over soup or a 1/2 pita sandwich.
Dinner:  brisket…cooked in the oven.  It’s a Paula Dean Casserole.  Paula’s Texas Oven Roasted Brisket

Lunch: 1/2 pita sandwich.
Dinner:  Take left over brisket and use sugar free barbq sauce (I’m gong to try this bbq recipe nextSugar Free BBQ sauce )  If you find a better sugar free bbq recipe let me know in the comments.  We will make a  bbq sandwich in pita bread or alone.  I will eat meat alone like this.

Lunch: Use left over bbq for pita sandwich
Dinner:  Cabbage Casserole: Cabbage Casserole It has a little brown rice and a little cheese in it, but we’re still losing weight eating it.  I will add this recipe to my blog.

Lunch:  Left overs OR sandwich
Dinner:  Fajitas  I have fajita meat, which I will cook with onions and bell peppers.  We’ll have this with steamed  broccoli and I’ll probably cook some of it in low sodium soy sauce for Chris.  He’s not a big broccoli eater, unless I cook it in a little soy sauce for him.  I use the low sodium soy sauce.

Lunch:  Left overs OR sandwich
Dinner:  Slow Cooker Chicken Burritos chicken recipe (if we didn’t have it earlier in the week)  I will add this recipe to my blog.

Lunch:  Left overs OR sandwich
Dinner:  Breadfast for Dinner:  Beef bacon, eggs, and 1 whole wheat waffle.  

Lunch may sound boring to you, but they are able to switch their sandwiches up between turkey, chicken, tuna or left overs.  I figure for years men went to work with sandwiches everyday.  It doesn’t hurt us to have a sandwich for lunch.

Breakfast is always the same:  eggs and oatmeal.  Kailey has her meal ADVOCARE replacement drink.

Snack:  always the same:  apples with almond/peanut butter, sea salt almonds/raw almonds or I have half of a PURE protein bar PURE Protein Revolution.  They have a new one now.  It’s in a yellow box and it is like eating a candy bar.  Lauran and I usually half one for a snack…keeps me from eating the other half right then.  Some will choose smoothies, made with homemade yogurt Crock Pot Yogurt…limits the sugar they get.  We eat fruit…whatever is in season and on sale.

Possible ideas for next week:  mock fried rice (with cauliflower), Sloppy Jo’s (I have a recipe for this), taco salad, egg plant casserole, meatballs in spaghetti sauce (no spaghetti), salsa chicken (wait I may have to switch out the salsa chicken for this week, since I have salsa made) hmmm.

Gina Tatom
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