Lavendar Oil

My middle daughter suffered her whole life with extreme eczema.  She had been on steroid medications for at least 10 years.  I finally decided there had to be an answer.  Surely God had a solution for this skin problem and I really made it a matter of prayer.  While have a conversation with a friend, she mentioned taking her dog to a new vet.  The dog had a rash that was making it miserable and this new vet mixed up some essential oil to be used.  The friend had been trying different meds for quite a while and the dog’s rash was not going away.  She saw pretty immediate results.  I asked if she thought the vet might mix some up for my daughter.  She then told me where he bought his oils.  I did a little research, made some phone calls, and had some Young Living Lavender Essential oil on its way.  Oh my, it was amazing.  It wasn’t healed over night, but I knew within days we were on the right track.  She had suffered with this for years and had some serious skin damage.  Within 6 months she had complete relief, other than a patch on her ankles.  Here’s what we did.  We found some natural aloe vera (no perfumes…no additives).  She would put aloe vera in the palm of her hand and then add 3 drops of the lavender essential oil.  She’d mix it with her finger and then apply it to her skin.  She would usually follow up with Melaleuca’s Renew lotion, but the lavender was the essential part of the solution.  She had already been using the renew lotion before this…although I highly recommend this lotion, especially if your skin has been damaged.  I am signed up to buy Young Living products, but I’ve never made a “business” out of it.  I’m sharing this with you because this skin condition brought many tears to my daughter’s life.  If you suffer from this, I won’t you to have the same healing she has had.  Oh, we also changed diet…no sugar and we did lots of probiotics.  Again, she got relief once we added the lavender.  If you can’t find aloe vera, you can use coconut oil or olive oil.

By the way, she’s 17 now and her skin is beautiful!

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