Is It Judging?

I wrote this comment after reading a lot of back and forth comments on a friend’s facebook.  It was about supporting Chik fil a for their stand on traditional marriage.  Instead of talking about traditional marriage, most of the comments ended up talking about how they and christians are judging and not loving the way God has taught us to love.  Most comments were denying the scripture teaching homosexuality as a sin.  This was the comment I left.

 I have really enjoyed reading all of the comments although it may frustrate me at times.  Being American…this is what it’s about…we do all have the “american” right to share our thoughts. Having said that…the only thing I’ve really felt compelled to jump in with is this….we can’t ignore sin. As a christian, I certainly do not get to ignore sin in my own life…the Holy Spirit sees to that. The purpose in the law being given was to show the Israelites how much they needed grace and God. Even in the sacrificial system, God was showing them grace….a way of being made clean again and again and again. Without the acknowledgement of sin and our own depravity, why would we ever seek out God. If we’re only told that what we do is right or our right, then we’re all okay and we don’t need grace…we don’t need God and we won’t have salvation. When God points out my sin, it makes me uncomfortable and defensive. I’ve debated God many times over my own shortcomings and my own sin weaknesses. You see, I don’t struggle with some of the things you may be struggling with, but believe me I do have my own tendencies toward certain sins, that you probably don’t struggle with. I have friends who are strong in areas where I am weak. When they’ve been used by God to reveal these things in my life, my feelings have been hurt, I’ve felt judged and even betrayed…BUT…in time God confirms these things and as I acknowledge His way, I see the truth and begin being set free. I didn’t even know I was imprisoned by certain things until I was set free. I also see that God sent people who love me enough to be honest with me. Please don’t interpret my comment as being about “homosexuality”…it IS only about sin. Any sin. One sin we tend to overlook is gluttony. You see, we live in a time when it’s hard to talk about this sin, because it seems mean, but look at the effects of this sin. I know I’ve been there and still deal with the temptation to overeat. This sends me to God’s grace so many times, but I can’t ignore the fact that God doesn’t like it. BUT, this comment is not just about gluttony….it’s about sin. It’s so hard to know when we’re judging and when we’re just acknowledging truth. Trying to raise three daughters to not be jugemental, but at the same time train them up in the way I understand (to the best of my ability) they should go according to God’s word, has not been easy. (Proverbs 22:6) I try to teach them and remember my self, the Bible tells us to not pass judgement (Luke 7:1). Yet, the Bible tells me that bad company corrupts good character. (1 Cor. 15:33) This can be confusing. How do I know bad company without examining their lives, actions, and beliefs? We must remember God is always examining our hearts. It is His job to examine our motives. No matter what side of the above debate you find yourselves on…we must remember He knows our motives and it’s not my place to judge your motives. On the other hand, it is our job to pronounce things as SIN (that He has called sin), for how else will we know we need a Savior. I probably haven’t done too good of a job here…sharing my heart and motives. I just wanted to say…be careful. When we stop calling sin….sin, we are truly lost. There is a definite right and wrong, if there were not, how would any of us begin to train up our children in the way they should go and how could we ever know a “grace” giving God. He will not ignore sin, but He has made a way of escape for every sin temptation. (1 Corinthians 10:13) Here is a great “short” article on judging. I suggest everyone read it…we may find we’ve all been guilty and need to repent. Thanks for reading this long comment.

What does the Bible mean that we are not to judge others? Does the Bible forbid judging others in all circumstances?
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